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At Medical Health Institute, we specialize in bio-identical hormone optimization therapy also known as "BHRT" and "TRT". Rather than the standard approach to medicine, which treats the symptoms of an individual, we treat the system as a whole and deal with the underlying causes in order to restore optimal balance in the body and bring it back to its natural state of health. Typically, we work with adult men and women who have symptoms of low testosterone (andropause), erectile disfunction, low growth hormone (somatopause), menopause, weight-loss challenges, thyroid disorders, metabolic disorders, insomnia, hair loss, chronic fatigue, headaches, memory loss, and cognitive impairment. They are all related to your hormonal biochemistry, and we know, through experience, these conditions can be prevented, treated, and, in some cases, completely reversed through our unique and dynamic scientific approach. With our individualized and tailored treatments, our patients have significantly improved their energy, focus, sex drive, and overall quality of life, getting them back to feeling what we call "Awesomeness!". 

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